In Pratapgarh district, the BSA or the Basic Shiksha Adhikari takes care of the primary education in the government schools. She/he has a team of BEO(Block Education Officer) earlier known as ABSA to overlook the primary education sphere in the block. BEO office is usually situated in a government school compund and she/he inspects the schools regularly. The schools usually have a staff of the principal(Pradhan Adhyapak), teachers (adhyapaks), Shiksha Mitra, PTI teachers to educate the children. There is also a SMC or School Management committee of which the village elected head – Pradhan is also a member.


The secondary education or the Madhyamik Shiksha is taken care of by the DIOS or the District Inspector of Schools. The jurisdiction of DIOS is not just limited to government schools but also extends to government aided and government recognized institutions. The work of DIOS includes:-

  1. Inspection of School/Colleges.
  2. Inspection of duties of teachers and other employees of Schools and Colleges.
  3. Disposal of Financial Matters.
  4. Maintenance and Distribution of the grant received for the payment of the Salary for the Employees of Schools and Colleges.


There is also a government DIET(District Institute of Education and Training) in Atarsund Patti tehsil which gives the BTC. Basic Teaching Certificate (BTC), a two year certificate program is necessary for becoming a government teacher in primary or elementary schools.